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ESTA Information

The visa waiver program, also known as an ESTA (Electronic System For Travel Authorisation) is a document that allows an individual to travel without the need for a ‘full visa’. Click for FAQ’s.

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Business and Work Visas

Travelling the US for work? Learn about the various types of business/work visas and see which one is suitable for you.

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Non-immigrant (Visitor) Visas

If you are ineligible for an ESTA or have been denied an ESTA, these are the typical visas you would apply for to visit the US.

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O-1 Visa

This visa is applicable to those who hold extraordinary talent in specific sectors such as, science, education, arts, athletics and business.

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Visa-Applications.org is a private immigration company with no affiliation to the United States Government. The initial service fee of $100 + $14 ESTA application fee is for travel and immigration advice from a registered immigration specialist. If you are ineligible for an ESTA, further fees for more complex visas can vary but for referral to a U.S. attorney for an initial consultation, the fee is $299.

We will keep you updated with progress on any application as well as communicating any results via email or another additional communication channel. Please note that Investment visas are bespoke and we would require an initial consultation by telephone.

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Enter Your Applicant Information

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Step 2

Review Your Applicant Information

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Submit Your Application & Pay

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All visa applicants are responsible for the accuracy of their visa application forms and must carefully consider the requirements set out in the visa application forms and complete all application forms fully and truthfully and provide correct and accurate information and documentation in support of their visa. Visa-Applications.org is a private visa support company and works under the governance of a SRA registered solicitor and is not affiliated with any government body. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited.
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