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An ESTA is a visa-free travel authorization that allows you to enter the United States. With the online application form, an ESTA application can be submitted quickly and conveniently.

This way, all arriving travelers can be vetted ahead of time.  Airlines and shipping businesses, for example, conduct pre-departure checks to ensure that each passenger has a valid ESTA visa. This is done by looking up the traveler’s passport number in a database of US Customs and Border Protection approved travel authorizations. Those who do not have this travel authorization will be denied admission.

From the time it is granted, an ESTA is valid for two years. Travelers are permitted to visit the United States an unlimited number of times throughout the validity term. These can be used for both business and tourism. Each visit to the United States is limited to 90 days. This time frame includes trips to Canada, Mexico, or a Caribbean island. A US visa is required for a longer stay. The validity of the accompanying ESTA expires when the passport with which the visa or ESTA was applied for expires.

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A 3 Step Process

Step 1: Enter Your Applicant Information

Step 1

Enter Your Applicant Information & Pay

Step 2: Details Reviewed & Documentation Completed

Step 2

Details Reviewed & Documentation Completed

Step 4: Consultation with legal immigration specialist

Step 3

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Please Note: Visa approvals are not guaranteed. Be aware of persons / companies claiming they can guarantee approvals of visas as the process can be complex. If you wish to know more please call us or email with your questions. For a visa waiver you should apply for an ESTA at least 72 hours before travel as per the advice from the U.S. Embassy.

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