Below you can find the different types of visas that are available if you are travelling to the US for work or business.

 This visa is applicable to those who are planning to take on short-term and/or temporary employment within the USA. Typically reserved for those who are educated to a higher degree or bachelors level however there are also speciality occupations that would fall under this visa such as models.
The application process for this type of visa is more complex than those for a visitor visa.
Firstly, a petition will need to be filed by the prospective employer and once this has been approved you will need to apply for a visa for travel.
Initially this type of visa is valid for 3 years and once this is nearing expiry you can apply for this to be extended for 3 years. You may however apply for permeant residence after holding this visa for a 3-year period.
Current legislation allows children under 21 and the spouse of an individual holding a H-1B visa may apply for a H4 visa. If granted those on the H4 visa may attend studies in the USA but are prohibited from working.

Also classed as a non-immigration visa, these visas are applicable to those who are intending to travel to the USA to take on seasonal/temporary employment within the agricultural sector. Once granted an individual may live and work within the USA.

This visa is again a non-immigrant visa and is applicable to those who are intending to take employment within the USA for non-agricultural sectors. This employment must be on a temporary basis such as seasonal work.
Both the H-2A and H-2B visas require the prospective employer to file a petition in the USA to be granted a labour certificate which allows the employer to hire foreign nationals. The employer must be able to prove that there is a genuine need to hire a non-US citizen because they cannot recruit anyone within the USA to take on the role being offered. The employer must also be able to demonstrate that by hiring a foreign national will not have any adverse effects to the current wages and living conditions of current employees in the USA.
Once the labour certificate has been granted then you may apply for you H-2A or H-2B visa. Initially both of these visas are valid for a year although you may apply for extensions of your visa and if granted you will receive a further year. You may only extend this visa up to a maximum of 3 years in total.

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