This visa is applicable to those who hold extraordinary talent in specific sectors such as, science, education, arts, athletics and business.
The applicant must be able to prove that they have significant talent in their occupational field. The applicant must also be able to provide proof that they have either been nominated for or received a prestigious and recognised award for their work. Acceptable awards include a Directors Guild award, a Grammy or an Emmy.
Initially the O-1 visa is valid for a period of 3 years, after this period you may apply for an extension. However, the employer must be able to demonstrate why an extension is necessary. You may also after 3 years, apply for permanent residence within the USA under the EB1 –visa which is applicable to those who hold a significant talent within their occupational field.
Should you not have been nominated for and/or won a recognised award there are further criteria that you must also fulfil to be considered for the O-1 visa. From the below list, you must be able to fulfil the criteria of 3.
Should the applicant be unable to satisfy 3 of the applicable criteria they are permitted to submit comparable proof to show they hold an extraordinary talent within their field and are a highly regarded and recognised individual.

The proof should be copies of contracts, bank statements or other reliable documents

This proof may include testimonials from either another respected expert in their field, government agencies and critics. Any testimonials must be legible and the author/authors authority must be clearly visible.

Proof includes but not limited to contracts, publications, endorsements and/or critic reviews.

Such proof may be in the form of media articles, major newspaper articles and trade journals.

This proof may be in the form of reviews from critics, trade journals and/or major newspaper articles.

This proof may include receipts for product development, motion picture where the applicant is a lead or starring role, box office tickets along with major newspaper articles, trade journal reports or other publications depicting the applicant’s success.

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